Toldos Pitiusas® offers an innovative solution for the remote operation of your awning, through wireless radio waves by Somfy.

Set your preferred position for custom-tailored comfort

Would you like to fix the exact position you want and return to it at the push of a button? A simple press on the red dot on your remote and the blinds will move to the vent position, the awning will provide a cool shade right where you want and the slats of the Venetian blinds will be guided as you had directed them. Programming is very simple and is explained step by step.

To have comfort always at hand

  • Telis Patio wall bracket.
  • Telis Silk wall bracket.
  • Telis Silk desk stand

A Somfy exclusive solution for your well-being, adaptable to any type of home automation:

Toldos Pitiusas Automatismo 1
  • Practical Not a single cable between the motor and the control pointQuick and clean installation, without ruining the interior decoration and without costly work.
Toldos Pitiusas Automatismo 3
  • Simple Free choice of the location of the control points, based solely on your desire. Possibility to upgrade, change or extend the system easily, at the pace of evolution of your needs. The remote control allows you to enjoy more comfort and freedom.
Toldos Pitiusas Automatismo 6
  • Secure Changing password with 16 million combinations: it is impossible to copy your command. Very low bandwidth, to protect from annoying interference.
Toldos Pitiusas Automatismo 10
  • Universal A single 5-channel remote control allows full automation of your home, individually or in groups, as you prefer: garage door, shutters, awnings, venetian blinds 200-meter range in open field to control your automations even from outside 20-meter range through two concrete walls to control them from any corner of the house.
Toldos Pitiusas Automatismo 4

Each of these remote controls come in three versions with different functions: one channel, 5 channels and one channel with sun sensor inhibitor function (Silk Telis is not available with the sun sensor inhibitor function).

The 'Telis' remotes fit your lifestyle.

Four different versions to choose from for your home:

Toldos Pitiusas Automatismo 9
  • Standard Line The most common solution, in white with gray buttons.
Toldos Pitiusas Automatismo 5
  • Telis Patio The ideal solution for the patio or deck, because its special finish resists rain and dew if you forget the remote outside. Shock and fall-proof, it is especially recommended for family use.
Toldos Pitiusas Automatismo 8
  • Telis Silk The most modern and compact solution, with a metallic silver finish.
Toldos Pitiusas Automatismo 7
  • Telis Lounge The refined and high end solution, with an elegant black color finish.