More than 40 years of service to Ibiza and Formentera:

Toldos Pitiusas® is a company dedicated to sun protection for over 40 years. At Toldos Pitiusas®, we invest in the latest technologies available to the sun protection industry in order to provide the best service to our customers. Since 1971, the Toldos Pitiusas® team manufactures and sells a large variety of items for sun protection and general climatology, customizing the product for each customer.

The machinery with which we produce the PVB is state-of-the-art, which results in a high-quality product. As such, vendors that supply our raw materials are known throughout Europe, thus ensuring a perfect finish on all our products. We have our own labeling service, so we do not rely on any third parties for labeling awnings and banners and can offer our customers a better price and faster service. We also have a special machine to attach cloth seamlessly, using heat-sealing technology, which not only provides them with beautiful aesthetics but also increases the life of the awning, tripling its durability, since the seams are its most delicate part. Our automated control systems are equipped with the latest technology available in the market, and offer a wide range of accessories to operate your awning.

Our most recent novelty is the incorporation of RTS, a revolutionary radio-controlled system (not infrared) leading to greater range with no interference. Thanks to this new technology, a number of accessories can be added to our installation, such as wind, water, light, and rain sensors, etc that make it more practical to use, and protect it from bad weather, thus helping prevent breakage and damage.

Desperfectos. The quality of our canvas and fabrics are optimal because they are protected with Scotchgard, which provides them with greater resistance to infiltration of rain, stains and dirt, and endows them with long-lasting protection that preserves the good appearance of the textiles and facilitates cleaning.

Our company is a pioneer in the manufacture of a new type of lateral and completely transparent awning, with aluminum guides, ideal for terraces and restaurants, where there is no possibility of glazing them or simply where the budget is a little tighter. Our company always bets on new trends, reinventing the awning market, and innovating in technology and dedication.


An experienced staff

The team at Toldos Pitiusas® is a family business in which there are three generations of professionals with experience accumulated over 40 years. We specialize in all types of textile manufacturing and assembly of any sun protection installation. Furthermore, we are accredited to install a wide variety of motorized accessories and controls to automate awnings. We are the first in the Pityuses to bring home automation technology with a wide range of mechanisms of wind, sun, water, clock, for computer-centralized installations (domotic houses)...


Toldos Pitiusas Antonio sanchez

Antonio Sánchez

  • Chief executive officer.
Toldos Pitiusas Marco sanchez

Marco Antonio Sánchez

  • Official installer (1st Category)
  • Expert in industrial installation
  • Specialist in metallic solders
Toldos Pitiusas David sanchez

David Sánchez

  • Official installer (1st Category)
  • Technical specialist in Automatisms
  • Technician in signwriter and design
Toldos Pitiusas Roberto sanchez

Roberto Sánchez

  • Official installer (1st Category)
  • Specialist in awning motorization
  • Specialist in awnings assembly
Toldos Pitiusas Mari sesmero

Mª del Carmen Sesmero

  • Customer
  • Administration